"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark." - John Muir

Leave a comment on a hike if you followed it or it inspired you to venture into the area. It's always good to get feed back, good or bad. I'm happy to give further details if needed.

These hikes are posted to help get people out into the Australian bush a little more safely. Most of the hikes I do are off track and over steep ground. I rarely use my GPS for navigation and rely on a compass and map. I would not advise using any of these GPX files as your sole navigational aid.

Please Please Please when in QLD national parks follow the rules. Take your trash out, no fires, pee and poo away from water sources and camp sites and bury it as deep as possible. Ensure it looks the same as you found it for others to enjoy in the future. Thank you

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