Portneuf River Back Country Horsemen at prbch.org

Portneuf River Back Country Horsemen at prbch.org


Most of these trails were ridden with the Over the Hill Gang.
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Portneuf River Back Country Horsemen would like to promote cooperation among trail users through planning, volunteer service, public education, and negotiation with government agencies.

Członek od sierpnia 2018

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  • McNabb Crk to McKee Crk

    12,08 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Inkom, Idaho (United States)

  • South Boone

    26,53 kilometry - Trudny

    w pobliżu Judkins, Idaho (United States)

  • Webber Creek

    13,03 kilometry - Trudny

    w pobliżu Nicholia (historical), Montana (United States)

  • Rash Canyon

    22,24 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Swan Valley, Idaho (United States)

  • Castle Rocks

    9,34 kilometry - Łatwy

    w pobliżu Almo, Idaho (United States)

  • Junipers

    14,58 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Jenkins Will, Idaho (United States)

  • Jones Creek

    13,98 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Wolverine, Idaho (United States)

  • Moody Meadows

    28,76 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Sam, Idaho (United States)

  • Bridger Wilderness

    167,14 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu DuNoir, Wyoming (United States)

  • Mesa falls

    27,63 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Warm River, Idaho (United States)