Cretan Walker

Cretan Walker


Autumn weekend walker when the weather is a lot cooler.
Most walks I do are on the less populated east side on the island of Crete.
Done the occasional 4 x 4 fun drives.

The Island of Crete is full of diverse ecosystems, with high peaks, rugged gorges, plateau's, bare rocky hillsides and thickly wooded coastal forests as well as fertile agricultural lands, rolling hills and olive groves. Crete is fantastic for all types of walkers.

Członek od kwietnia 2018

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  • Katharo

    4,44 kilometry - Łatwy

    w pobliżu Katharón, Crete (Greece)

    • Yvonne Payne
  • Istron Olive walk

    1,57 kilometry - Łatwy

    w pobliżu Ístro, Crete (Greece)

  • Amoudara Duck pond walk

    3,4 kilometry - Łatwy

    w pobliżu Ammoudára, Crete (Greece)

  • Vathy No 2

    5,16 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Vathý, Crete (Greece)

  • Vathy No1

    1,76 kilometry - Łatwy

    w pobliżu Pýrgos Kaloú Chorioú, Crete (Greece)

  • Vathy No 3

    8,99 kilometry - Średni

    w pobliżu Pýrgos Kaloú Chorioú, Crete (Greece)