2 517 m
1 184 m
15,6 km

Obejrzane 38 razy, pobrane 3 razy

w pobliżu Goçaj, Kukës (Albania)

A fairly challenging hike including some limited scrambling over rough limestone in places is rewarded by more stunning views over the Balkan landscape. Our trail started from our guesthouse in the alpine village of Ceremi, up through forest (very welcome shade provided) before making our way across open passes, flower strewn meadows and the final slog to the summit up rough limestone. From here we descended and continued our journey towards the Valbona Valley.
Although we enjoyed beautiful blue skies in the morning, by the time we reached the summit the clouds were rolling in and most of our descent was done at double time in a ferocious thunder and lightening storm with freezing rain. Always be prepared for the weather to change quickly in the mountains!

Ceremi GH


Meadow camp

Wild camp to break up descent to Valbona valley.

Zla Zolata

Highest point in Montenegro.


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