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560 m
206 m
5,31 km

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w pobliżu  Jericho, Alabama (United States)

Google Walls of Jericho, Tennessee or Alabama. Best seen when rainfall has been plentiful, but not flooding. Trail will be slick, muddy in places. Enjoy the water falls. Moderate rock climbing (four foot climbs) required to see the final falls. Find a grip and pull yourself up. Rated difficult mostly due to the 900 feet of elevation climb the final mile on the way back, and some tricky spots. Enjoy the log bridges!

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  • amdkt7 2013-02-08

    I combined the tracks from both directions to get a rough average plot. This only shows one direction. As this is a there an back double the distance (roughly 7 miles). I cleaned up the track to remove all the side trips and gps scatter.

  • Zdjęcie allen9694

    allen9694 2015-10-15

    Fun hike .east the first half of the trip all down hill but hard coming back. have fun.

  • Zdjęcie allen9694

    allen9694 2015-10-22

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Fun hike. the first half of the trip all down hill but hard coming back up . Try to go after a good rain shower to see the water fall in full action. Quiet a site..

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