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  • Zdjęcie Wadi Munai
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Munai
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Munai
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Munai
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Munai
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Munai

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w pobliżu Munay‘ī, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Carpark at the dam is accessible by sedan car. This is an easy hike up Wadi Munai for about 2 hours till you reach a saddle. Pass over the saddle into the parallel wadi to return. Passing over the saddle needs a small amount of light scrambling. The walk along the wadi's is what you would expect, some trail, some rock hopping. At times the trail disappears which isn't a major issue as you are either walking up or down parallel with the wadi. The hike could be extended by walking further up the wadi to the top of the ridge. I gave it a moderate rating because of the small amount of scrambling. This should be easy for able-bodied people but could challenge a person with any movement impediments, such is the nature of scrambling.

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  • Zdjęcie michelleriley09

    michelleriley09 2019-12-27

    Hi laith . I’m planning on doing this trail tomoro could you give me some guidance on where the trail starts is it at the far end of the Dam or is the start in the car park ?

  • Zdjęcie Laith Wark

    Laith Wark 2019-12-28

    You can start from the car park. Then head off along three well defined dirt road. Then turn off the road near the camel pen and go towards the wadi.

  • Zdjęcie Laith Wark

    Laith Wark 2019-12-28

    *the (not three)

  • chrisperry247Chris Perry 2020-01-19

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    Great little walk

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