• Zdjęcie Wadi Khabb Half Hike
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Khabb Half Hike
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Khabb Half Hike
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Khabb Half Hike
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Khabb Half Hike
  • Zdjęcie Wadi Khabb Half Hike

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Uploaded 7 marca 2016

Recorded marca 2016

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478 m
166 m
15,17 km

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w pobliżu Tawian, Al Fujayrah (United Arab Emirates)

If you don't fancy the full Wadi Khabb circuit this is a shorter but equally interesting alternative hike. Accessible by 2wd, park by the tree just to the left of the track at the start of the wadi. Follow the track until you reach a gravel based area and take the wadi to your left (waypoint indicated). There is a goat trail to the side of the wadi that makes the first part easy going but as the wadi starts to steepen some boulder hopping and a little scrambling will be required. For the geologists there are some interesting rocks along the way. Eventually you will reach the ridge line - don't forget to look back along your route periodically for some great views. After the ridge line it is just a short walk down to a farm and the main Jebel Yibir approach road. Here you have a choice, either follow the road (left) back towards Al Tawain and your car or if feeling adventurous (and fit!), cross the road and scramble down to the wadi running parallel to the road and follow it down back towards Al Tawain. Usual recommendations for adequate water, energy snacks and sun protection.



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  • Zdjęcie merlin81260

    merlin81260 2016-03-07

    Looking back down the side wadi to the main Wadi Khabb track. https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/wadi-khabb-half-hike-12489821/photo-7670443

  • hharajli 2017-12-17

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    half of the trail is an asphalt road now so not worth it.

  • liovcius 2018-01-17

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Snap it, got "lost" during the steep ascent during inaccurate GPS readings and trail that was no longer visible... had to turn back mildly disappointed, as I was alone, it was getting dark :)

    But I hope to come back and beat it one day!

  • Zdjęcie merlin81260

    merlin81260 2018-02-07

    It is true the second part of the hike can be a little dull if following the asphalt road back to the start point. However, it can be made more interesting by crossing he road at the small farm and working your way down into the wadi that runs parallel with the road. If opting to do this it will involve a little scrambling and down-climbing in places, so be safe!

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