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w pobliżu  Villa Cerro Castillo, Aisén (Chile)

On the Cerro Castillo I could perform only the ascent to the broad stony shoulder called Morro Rojo, in a day of uncertain weather.
The most striking feature of this tour was the company of the friend of one day, a little black dog who followed me faithfully from Villa Cerro Castillo to the top. I asked the locals: he is not abandoned, but he simply uses to do so. Lacking a name, I called him Cachorro (Spanish for little dog).
You see that for a certain stretch the ascent and descent route differ. The later is indeed more direct, but also the former leads to the exploration of very beautiful woods. Consider that most of the interest of my tour was given by the gorgeous autumnal colours, whence lingering in the woods was no bad idea.
I had with me tent and sleeping bag but I did not wait on the mountain for better weather, estimating that the night would have been too cold at that elevation for Cachorro.

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Although tiny, it is on of the main villages south of Coyhaique.
Abandon the road after the bridge on this little river.
Be aware that here I was not following any path, but rather pointing straight to the summit. Or, at least, in its direction, since the summit was not visible at this stage.
Only a little green section in the midst of the wood, but it seemed to excite also Cachorro...
This is indeed a welcome moment, since life becomes simpler.
Open spot where Cachorro took a rest after having long searched the woods...


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