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Długość śladu

2,88 km

Poziom trudności



43 m

Max elevation

449 m



Min elevation

80 m

Trail type

One Way
  • Zdjęcie Veten i Åsane




1 lutego 2010
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449 m
80 m
2,88 km

Obejrzane 2895 razy, pobrane 10 razy

w pobliżu Melingen, Hordaland (Norway)

-- Veten i Åsane -- 486 masl. -- 1-2 hours --

One of my favorites in Bergen among the easy hikes. The top can be reached in almost half an hour, but I would say less than an hour in normal tempo. I used the same trail on the way down, but there are others (For example from Vikaleitet, but that's a bit longer). The hike starts at Mellingen (Take to the left when passing "Gullgruven", and then to the right towards "Åsane Gamle Kirke". Mellingen is situated in the end of Langavatnet. The first part of the hike follows "Den Trondhjemske Postvei", which was used for mailmen to bring the mail along the coast. The view opens up early towards south as the road is a bit steep. Follow the road until the trail to "Veten" goes up towards right. It's easy to walk, and the view is good as there are no trees. The mountain has been much used for grazing, and sometimes there are a lot of sheep in the area. The top can offer a wonderful view in all directions. I guess it's possible to reach the top with skis, but I really recommend it in the summer.


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