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w pobliżu Seven Pines, California (United States)

A very difficult dayhike of University Peak, via the North Face route. The trail starts off quite easy, going up the Kearsarge Pass trail toward Matlock Lake, but once you leave Matlock Lake, it's all off-trail. The scramble from the last lake below the summit is 2,200' in less than a mile. Quite steep, and very loose unless you stay on the more solid rib. This track can only help so much, as the details are lost in many of the intricate route-finding areas, especially near the top. In many instances, there really is only one "correct" path without getting into very difficult and somewhat dangerous rock climbing routes. Views from the top are some of the best I've seen, well worth the effort.
The turnoff to Matlock Lake from the main Kearsarge Pass trail. There is a sign on a tree at this location.
So named by me, as it is the last small lake to refill water before scrambling up to the summit.
Summit of University Peak. There are a lot of blocky summits on the summit ridge, the true summit will have the register.

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    cthenn2 2013-08-08

    My GPS is slightly off again. It seems to underestimate elevation as I slowly ascend. Max elevation is 13,589' at the summit. The software program I use to analyze my data showed about 4,800' of total ascent, and about 9.9 miles.

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