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w pobliżu Trebište, Општина Маврово и Ростуша (Македонија)

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This easy-going hike from Trebiste (Trebishte) to Lake Lokuv is 8.5 km long with 560 m ascent.

We did this hike in June 2019 and parked the car in the center of Trebiste, where the GPS track starts. From here it is quite steeply uphill through Trebiste until the asphalt stops. At the last houses you have to make sure to take the right path. From there we followed the path that was indicated on OpenStreetMap.

This may not be the “official” route to Lake Lokuv, because when we almost reached the lake we noticed red/white marking that was not present in the beginning of the hike, suggesting that there also may be a different route from Trebiste.

After some climbing the trail continues through forest. After about 2.8 km you reach the crossroad with the trail to the village Bituse (Bitushe), which we took for the way back. Near this point also the above mentioned red/white marking appeared as well as an occasional signpost.

Just before you reach the lake there is a spring. Also a trail to the Velivar peak is signposted, but we did not go there so I have no idea how good the trail is marked from here (getting to Velivar peak would likely involve about 900 m additional ascent so think twice).

Lake Lokuv was really beautiful and a great place for a picnic. The picnic benches that used to be here were destroyed and also the cheese farm that is mentioned on the website of Mavrovo National Park has disappeared. It is said to be the lowest glacial lake of Macedonia. We really enjoyed our lunch at this quiet place in the mountains, until we noticed that mosquitos were using us to have their lunch as well.

We took the trail down in the direction of Bituse along some rippling streams and sources. At the bridge on the picture we made a left turn and further descended back to Trebiste. Note that it should also possible to reach Lake Lokuv from Bituse, but we did not do this. The hike gets a 3.5 out of 5 score.

On our way back to our accommodation in Motel Topila in Gari we paid a short visit to Velebrdo to see the Church of St George, and in Rostusa (Rostushe) we had a look at the 300 year old mosque which we somehow had missed during previous visits.

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