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w pobliżu  Hā‘ena, Hawaii (United States)

Not quite top ten in my lifetime but certainly knocking on the door. It is a combination of three different trails, the Nu'alolo trail, the Nu'alolo Cliff trail and the Awa-awapuhi trail. Starting with the Nu'alolo trail you hike from a parking lot on the main road to a coastal viewpoint, then a 2 mile leg along the coastline 'Cliff' trail to join up with the popular Awa-awapuhi trail that runs from a second coastal viewpoint back to the main road and another parking lot. A two mile road walk (from the Awa-awapuhi parking lot to Nu'alolo parking lot) returns you to your starting point.

Let's start with the positives. The viewpoints when you hit the coastline are spectacular. You really have to see it to believe it so don't trust the pictures my phone takes. Breathtaking. The Koke'e State Park is an easy drive from almost anywhere on the island and there is no entry fee. The hike to the first major viewpoint is relatively short (3.7 miles) the temperatures are always moderate, it's mostly downhill to the first viewpoint on a signed path that is easy to follow. Get an early start on a nice day, bring some snacks/lunch and water, wear decent shoes and a walking stick or hiking poles can be a big help. And don't forget a camera!

This hike should be done in this direction. A little rain can make the reverse direction treacherous and would put the riskiest part at the very end of the day. Which gets me to the negatives. The trip to the coast through the tropical forest is nice but not outstanding. If the coast is under cloud cover, your views are limited and you will be disappointed. The substantial elevation change can make footing tricky, with rain it could be treacherous. If conditions are lousy on the first leg, beat a hasty retreat and come back another day. Over all length and slipping hazards mean this hike is not suitable for young kids.

Some truly beautiful and breathtaking views, there is a reason helicopters are more common than mosquitoes. The scenery on this one is spectacular so pick a nice day and this could be one of the best hikes of your life!
Our first glimpse of the Pacific.
The intersection point with the cliff trail that takes you from one spectacular viewpoint to a second spectacular viewpoint.
Awesome views and we had the spot to ourselves. This was my favorite viewpoint of the hike.
A small shelter along the cliffs path.
One of the few lookouts along the cliffs trail.
The closest I could come to a relatively flat spot where a tent peg might be hammered into the ground.
Junction of Nu'alolo cliff trail and the popular Awa-awapuhi Trail. Turn left (west) and head to the coast for the second great viewpoint.
Official end point of the Awa-awapuhi trail with a couple of viewing areas.
Heading back to the road we caught one list glimpse.
Not much to see here but your peak elevation of 1268 meters is somewhere around here. The elevation chart and stats are a bit off and seem to include the height increase from the town of Waimea.
Several people offered rides back to our car. From here it is a straight road walk but I wanted to turn the hike into a loop and Maxini came along for the walk. Awa'awapuhi trail is a popular hike, if you are tired I'm sure you could easily hitch a ride back to your vehicle.

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  • Zdjęcie maxini2001

    maxini2001 2018-11-21

    This was a great trail, and agree, definitely do it in this direction - not only is the footing better (very slippery / muddy on the first section - might not be able traverse this if you're going up), and also the option of getting a ride back to parking lot (we had a few offers, and if weather was not so beautiful, might have taken them up on it), no one was going in the other direction. Also note, that although the first leg (Nu'alolo) is a bit more difficult, it has a much nicer viewpoint and is much less trafficked than the second (Awa'awapuhi) - most people seem to park in the north lot and go in / back via the Awa'awapuhi Trail. Start early and bring hiking poles.

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