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w pobliżu  Yellow Bluff, Florida (United States)

The Yearling Trail (Ocala National Forest) Pat's Island on the Yearling Trail, a walk through the Big Scrub to an island of pine that the Long family once called home. This interpretive trail system leads you past a variety of historic structures, including an old cattle dip vat, a cistern, the remains of several homestead sites, and the Long family cemetery. In the center of it all is a giant sinkhole where the pre-1900 settlers collected drinking water.
Foundation from an old homestead that was once here
Open areas off of the trail
Pat's Island area between Juniper Prairie and Hopkins Prairie
Big Scrub Areas
Long leaf Pine Forests in this area and rolling hills
Cemetery site of the families who once lived in this area dating back to late 1800's
Kiosk that has information on the history of the area and maps
Pine Forests and Prairie Areas
Off of the Florida Trail in Juniper Prairie / Pat's Island Area near The Yearling Trail
The Florida Trail
This is what is left of the Long homestead established around 1876.

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  • cantley1758 2014-03-10

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Thanks for the track Florida Trail Blazer. It was great having this additional Nav Aid as I was using this trail to hike to Hidden Pond on the Florida Trail.

  • Zdjęcie jayep1976

    jayep1976 2018-04-19

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great trail with a lot of history. Seeing Scrub Jays is always a plus. Beware, in the summertime the chiggers are brutal.

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