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683 m
445 m
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w pobliżu Bled, Bled (Slovenia)

Easy route but an absolute must-do if you are in Slovenia (where I happened to be for my work..). The views on the lake and its surroundings are great from whichever point of the route, but really impressive from mount "Velika Osojnica". To reach the panoramic viewpoints indicated by the waypoints, take in the south-west corner of the lake a path indicated as Route 6 (see waypoints). It's a short, steep climb but absolutely worth the effort.

If you are in for a longer walk, I recommend to extend this route with the impressive Vintgar canyon, see e.g. this route.

- Route Milestones: Hotel Kompas (510 m) - Route around lake (480-500 m) - Route 6 to Velika Osojnica (680 m) - rest of Route around lake.

- Moving time: 2hr 05min
- Moving average: 4,5 km/hr

- Recorded on 29/09/2010
Wycieczki Piesze

Begin of Route 6 'Velika Osojnica'

Wycieczki Piesze

End of Route 6 'Velika Osojnica'


Half-way: time for a good slovenian beer!


Panoramic view 1


Panoramic view 2

29-SEP-10 16:46:32

Start of route: Hotel Kompas

Wycieczki Piesze

Steel stairs

3 Opinie

  • idiosynkratik 2015-08-01

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great if you're near Bled for a while - the view is incredible (be sure to check both sides when arriving to the peak!)

  • Zdjęcie Mario Viña

    Mario Viña 2016-09-06

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great trail. very goog viewpoint

  • Zdjęcie rosccat

    rosccat 2018-08-07

    Preciosa y fácil ruta. En verano aconsejo llevar bañadores y aprovechar para refrescarse.

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