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w pobliżu Ak-Beyit, Naryn (Kyrgyz Republic)

Ruta desde el Caravanserai de Tash Rabat hasta el Paso de Chatry Kol con magníficas vistas al lago Chatry y toda la cadena montañosa frontera entre Kyrgyzstan y China. Una vez en el collado, Belén, Albert y yo, decidimos subir al pico que lo flanqueaba por su derecha, al que desconociendo su nombre, decidimos bautizar con el nombre de Pico Patamustha (jajaja...).

From Tash Rabat to Chatry Kol. Tash Rabat is a well-preserved 15th century stone caravanserai in At Bashy district, Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan located at the altitude of 3,200 meters. As early as in 1888, a Russian doctor and traveler Nicolay Lvovich Zeland suggested that it was originally a Nestorian or Buddhist monastery. Researches undertaken in the end of 1970-s and beginning of 1980-s by the Institute of History of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences concluded that Tash Rabat was originally built as a Nestorian monastery in the tenth century, although no artifacts sacred to Christians have been found during excavations.

Tash Rabat is located somewhat east of the main north-south highway. To the south is Lake Chatyr-Kul and Torugart Pass. To the north is Koshoy Korgon, a ruined fortress of uncertain date. The area is a center for hiking and horse-trekking.

The structure consists of 31 rooms including cavities in the central hall. The rooms are dome-shaped; transition from a quadrangular frame to a dome is by a squinch. Tash Rabat is completely laid by crushed stone on clay mortar with sealing joints by gypsum mortar.(WIKIPEDIA)

Pass to Chatry Kol

22-AGO-14 12:40:52PM

Peak Patamushta

22-AGO-14 1:08:22PM

Tash Rabat (Camp Site)

21-AGO-14 7:35:02PM

Tash Rabat (Caravanserai)

23-AGO-14 4:03:48PM

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  • Zdjęcie José Rolo de Sousa

    José Rolo de Sousa 2015-07-29

    Nice photos

  • Zdjęcie Dianaqqq

    Dianaqqq 2018-05-13

    Great pictures. How were the temperatures up in the mountains? And at camp? Thank you!

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