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w pobliżu Outlet, Ontàrio (Canada)

We were in Kingston for a fall weekend and a group of us wanted to go for a hike at a nearby park. We drove 50 minutes north east of Kingston to Charleston Lake Provincial Park that we had heard good things about.

The hiking route we took follows an established trail called the Tallow Rock Bay Trail with the loop portion being 10 kilometers in length. With the addition of the side trail to a scenic viewpoint, the hike's overall length came in at 12.6 km, some of it over tricky terrain. We were a little early for fall colours but the weather was nice, the trail was well signed and included markers indicating how far you had come (and how far you had to go). The hike is best done in this direction, the trickier east side first while you are fresh, saving the less rugged west side for the return leg.

Park entry fee applies ($12.50 per car for us) maps are available and the start location has a parking lot and potties.

Great day for a hike, the crew were amazing and this hike is definitely worth the trip.

Floating bridge

Bridge was newer and in great shape.


We turned right at the signpost to get to the scenic viewpoint.

Bach's look out

Great views of Charleston Lake from a rocky outcrop.

Beach at Tallow Rock Bay

Great spot just 50 meters off the main trail. Complete with picnic table, outhouse and a sandy beach. Plus nice views. Patty wouldn't go for a swim.

East / west branch

This is where the trail splits into the east and west side of the loop. East side is a little more challenging and the group was happy we did it while still fresh.


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