2 395 m
2 021 m
24,18 km

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w pobliżu  Dollar Point, California (United States)

Start at Tahoe XC trails up to Tahoe Rim Trail section 1. At the TRT junction turn west to head to Painted Rock, turn east to head to Watson Lake. back down, head south on a steep single track back to Tahoe XC. This loop completes another 5 miles of the TRT.

Tahoe Rim Trail at Painted Rock view point and turn around
Start and End TahoeXC
Signed 22 outbound stay west - in bound turn left
Keep moving west - forward
Signed 5 or 6 turn left -west
Not signed - turn right on road
We hit the Tahoe Rim Trail - turn left for Painted Rock, turn right for Watson Lake
Time to get off the TRT outbound go forward, south Trail is hidden but is there
Possibly signed 26 turn left keep south
Keep heading south - getting close


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