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2 043 m
586 m
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w pobliżu  Papeete, Îles du Vent (French Polynesia)

Start from restaurant O'Belvedere (taxi 3.5k xpf from downtown). Difficult hike due to: temperature, sun, annoying fernlike bushes. Up to ca. 1000m elevation, trail is cleared and mown. After that, you have to push yourself through dense vegetation. Trail is always visible, almost no chance of getting lost ( once you hit the creek after 1st refuge, take it upstream and then left). Rim is always at least 1m wide, it is not as bad as you may have read elsewhere (I'm scared of heights). There are few lightly technical passages, always secured with a rope. Take at least 4 liters water per person (we had 3,5 and ran out). It can be done in one day, however this will test your willpower. It is best to start before sunrise so that you reach summit before clouds obscure the view.
Fare Mato
Fare ata

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    Bring warm attire for 7C Fare ATA. Summit at sunrise before the clouds obscure views. Geocache near summit.

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