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w pobliżu Kampung Tepi Parit, Pahang (မလေးရှား)

Date: 20 - 23 April 2019
Members: 33 hikers
Guides: 3 guides
Organizer: SpHikingTeam
Route: Kuala Juram - Tahan - Kuala Juram

It was a 4D3N trip. The initial point is Kuala Juram and the last point is the peak of Tahan.

Two major campsites to stay overnight i.e. Kem Kor and Kem Botak while other campsites were just for quick stops.

Day 1. Kuala Juram to Kem Kor (7.8 km)

8:00 am. All hikers declared their belongings to the Perhilitan Department officers at their Sungai Relau Office. Cars were left in their premise. It is a safe place to leave our cars there.

10:30 am. Hikers and the guides were brought to the initial point by 4WD trucks, Kuala Juram. Briefing by our guides, short doa, ready ourselves for the hike up.

11:30 am. Departed from Kuala Juram initial point.

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Hikers reached at Kem Kor. Time of arrival to the Kem Kor varies from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, depends on individual hikers. Setup tents. Own activities.

Kem Kor is just beside a small river. Water should not be an issue. Climate at night was cold but bearable.

Day 2. Kem Kor to Kem Botak (9.7 km)

6:00 am. Woke up. Pack things. Certain things could be left at Kem Kor to minimize weight of the individual load such as meals for the following day, because on the tomorrow night we would be back to camp at Kem Kor.

8:00 am. Hiked up further to Kem Botak. Reached Kem Botak at dawn. Put up tent at Kem Botak.

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Hikers reached at Kem Botak. Time of arrival to Kem Botak varies from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, depends on individual hiker. Setup tents. Own activities.

Journey from Kem Kor to Kem Botak is a lot tougher in comparison to that of day 1. The reason for this is because:
1. we were elevating ourselves from 750 m of altitude to 1900 m of altitude,
2. long distance (about 12 km),
3. the second day hike requires about 8 hours of hike in average,
4. one small water point is only available in the middle of the journey. See pictures in the map.

Only one very small water point is available at the altitude of 1427 m i.e. before reaching Punchak V. Hikers are expected to arrive at this water point at about noon time or later. The water point is too small. It may take about 5 minutes to 10 minutes to refill the 1.5 liter bottle. Waiting for the turn to refill the water was really a time consuming for us. Just imagine if there were 30 bottles to be refilled???

Several suitable stops in between Kem Kor to Kem Botak:
1. Permatang (Permatang is a peak of a ridge)
2. Kem Kubang (Celcom and Maxis networks are available here)
3. Berlumut (Moss)
4. Water point
5. Punchak V
6. Punchak Bonsai
7. Kem Solar (Less than 10 minutes to Kem Botak)

At the altitude of 1400 m and above, we started to see the moss, wet soil trail though during the dry season. This wet trail gets more serious we moved higher until the Punchak Bonsai.

After the Punchak Bonsai lesser mossie, where the altitude is of about 1700 m and above, we started to enjoy the very great and amazing view of Bonsais. MasyaAllah, most part of the peak of Tahan is convered by Bonsai and rocks.

Kem Botak has two small water points. One, just nearby the kem, is dedicated for bathing or cleaning dishes. The other one which is at the upper part, about 100 m of distance from the kem, is dedicated for drinking purpose.

Climate at Kem Botak at night is very cold, I guess the temperature should be less than 10 °C. I was shivering though in tent. Sleeping bag and thick jacket are a must!

Day 3. Kem Botak to Peak (1 km)

Early morning, about 6:00 am hiked up to the peak from the Kem Botak to catch the sunrise at the peak. Finished recording the trail with Wikiloc at the peak.


About 8:00 am, moved down back to Kem Botak from the peak for breakfast, packed all things and started to travel back down to Kem Kor.

Over night again at Kem Kor on Day 3.

Day 4
Packed things and moved down to the base Kuala Juram at 9:30 am. Arrived the base at about 12:30 pm.

Generally, moving down is faster than going up.

All hikers managed to reach the peak and arrived back to the base safely. No major injuries except the common muscle cramp in the legs in certain hikers. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you for reading.

Initial point - Kuala Juram

Kuala Juram is the initial point to hike up to Tahan peak. The place is equipped with facilities such toilets and roofed open air buildings for rest. This place is also famous for Kelah Sanctuary which kept the fish live in their natural habitats. Kelah fish is an endangered species that need to be well taken care of by us from being extinct.

Initial Point - Kelah Sanctuary

Kelah is endengered spesies of fish. There are also other endengered species of fish. These fish are sensitive to the environmental changes. They may get extinct. It is a very tasty fish and among the most expensive fish in market.

Initial Point - The Hanging Bridge

The bridge the symbol of departure point.

Sample marking

The CDs which are painted in yellow, are fixed along trail from base to the peak.

River 1


River 2

Crossing the first river.

River 2


Anak Sungai


River 3


Trekking Parallel with the River


River 4


River 5


Rest point

Just a quick rest.

Kem Luis

Kem Luis is just before the Lata Luis (Luis water fall),

Lata Luis

Luis water fall. River cross too.

Pacak Nora

Steep point. Save energy, slow but consistent speed and ready for long push up.

Air terjun pacak nora

It is the upper part of the Luis water fall.

Peak Rest

Peak rest for the first Pacak Nora.

Sungai Kor

Crossing Sungai Kor and reaching Kem Kor. Very close to Kem Kor.

Kem Kor


Pacak Nora 2

Steep point. Save energy, slow but consistent speed and ready for long push up.


It is a peak of a ridge. Start to feel the cool breeze. Should be able to see the steep slope on the left and the right if trail. Starting from here too, we were actually walking along the boarder of Kelantan and Pahang states until the peak of Tahan.

Bus Stop

Big leave tree like a bus stop.

Valley stop

Stop to breath.

Root Cross

Cross the root carefully. Haha.

Pacak Nora 3

Steep point. Save energy, slow but consistent speed and ready for long push up.

Macam Sisik Naga


Pacak Nora 4

Steep point. Save energy, slow but consistent speed and ready for long push up.

Pacak Nora 5 with Tangga Besi

Steep point. Save energy, slow but consistent speed and ready for long push up. This point is equipped with aluminium ladder.

Pacak Nora 6

Steep point. Save energy, slow but consistent speed and ready for long push up.


Short bridge.

Tangga Aluminium

There are 2 aluminium ladders fixed here. It is the sign of reaching Kubang very soon.


Celcom and Maxis networks are available here. Sometimes strong, sometimes weak connection.


Mossy plant and mossy environment start to appear.


Lumut = algae.

Counter Sensor / Camera

Found camera here fixed on the left and right of the trail.


Just a picture here.

Water Point

Very small water point. Can collect water from here but the flow is very slow. It is a time consuming process if everyone wanna refill the water. Definitely everyone wanna refill their bottles. It was a long hike up journey from Kem Kor to here. Most of us refilled the water here because we still need another half of the day to continue further up to Kem Botak. By the way, this water point is great though now is dry season, there is still water coming out from the rocks.

Collecting Water

If big group (more than 10 hikers) try to avoid taking water from here. It is really time consuming. If everyone collect water from here you will arrive late at Kem Botak and miss the sun set viewed from Kem Botak. Bring at least 3 liters of water or the amount of water that is enough for 8 hours to 12 hours of hiking. Subject to individuals.

Punchak V

"V" Peak. Actually the trail doesn't go to the peak but the trail is around the peak. The original trail to the peak is closed due to certain reasons.

Punchak Bonsai

Great relief. All the toughs that have been through are paid here. You start to see and to enjoy beautiful of Tahan and drive you to further hike up to Kem Botak. Try to reach here by 5:00 pm so that you could enjoy the sunset at Kem Botak.

Trail to Botak from Bonsai


Aler Uto

Hahaha. Nepenthes spp. Carnivorous plant.

Kem Solar

Gauge station to measure rain, temperature and humidity just below the Kem Botak. The station comes with solar panel as the power supply.

Kem Botak

A campsite to dwell for the night before going to the peak in the early tomorrow morning.


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