• Zdjęcie Stairway Hiking - Shāh
  • Zdjęcie Stairway Hiking - Shāh
  • Zdjęcie Stairway Hiking - Shāh
  • Zdjęcie Stairway Hiking - Shāh
  • Zdjęcie Stairway Hiking - Shāh
  • Zdjęcie Stairway Hiking - Shāh

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955 m
340 m
8,08 km

Obejrzane 1933 razy, pobrane 94 razy

w pobliżu Shāh, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Following the locally made stairways up the mountain to a small deserted village. Then back along the zigzag track to the beginning. Some parts of the steps are difficult to follow so be observant of this. Early morning hiking will ensure plenty of shade. Lots of additional hikes available in the area and chance views of the sea and Jebel Jais from the top.

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  • Zdjęcie Ben Robbins

    Ben Robbins 2016-11-10

    Can you continue on further and ideally all the way to the border ridge, or was it a turn around at a wadi-wall?

  • Zdjęcie sam cook

    sam cook 2016-11-10

    Is there a place to park?? Thanks

  • Zdjęcie Kerry Scott

    Kerry Scott 2016-11-10

    Hi Ben - yes, you can go all the way up, there's a small empty village on the top and you can keep going up from there. Keep an eye out for the Oman border flags. I'm sure there's lots of scope for this to be extended.

    Hi Sam - Yes, plenty of space to park at the beginning and no 4X4 needed.

  • mikix85 2018-12-13

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Done last weekend, if you drive a 4x4 you can park down the valley, otherwise leave the car on the Jebel Jais road.

    Trail not marked at all, I mean no painted signs or any other permanent marking so follow the natural walk down the valley and stick to the GPS track. Easy to loose the path and you may find yourself hiking a dry fall path (I did it on purpose but if you choose to do that, be prepared to hike with your bare hands some 6 to 12 meters of dry falls). You will find some artificial steps along the trail, specially in the first half of the climb so if you're not sure of where to go, stop a minute and look around for them. I did some "omini" (stone pillars) to help identifying the route when I felt lost.

    The last part of the climb is a steep zig zag to an abandoned village where you can take your rest in the full peace of mind as the only noise you'll hear will be the blowing wind and the wild goats.

    The descent is basically the same trail for the first part. Descend from the village and stick to your left as at some point you'll have to climb a small hill which will deviate from the climb trail and follow the opposite shank of the wadi. Here the trail is well visible but there's a lot of gravel so expect to slip very often.

    Trail is nice and interesting, scenery is lovely and at the abandoned village is even better. Not so easy to follow and in some parts technically difficult.
    I'd suggest it not for an amateur nor for children but an average fitness person would do it.

    It took me 2 hours 15 minutes to climb, 2 hours 20 minutes to reach my car.

    Practice the trail in early is always recommended but bear in mind that trail is mostly in the shade as it sneaks up the wadi.

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