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w pobliżu Māsah, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Another route to WW which begins with a steady ascent/descent down to a long and twisting wadi that leads to Wadi Wuraya. Although I'd planned to go the entire way to WW, I ended up stopping in worsening rainy conditions. I did manage to reach a point in the wadi where it was possible to predict quite accurately that the rest of the hike in this wadi would be a fairly steady hike in easy terrain all the way to WW.

The initial climb and descent is not difficult, with only a few scrambles and a few fairly easy steps, and took around 5 hours at a reasonable pace stopping here and there to drink/take fotos (approx. 9 KM). The whole hike to/from WW would be a long one (at least 2 nights and approx. 42 KMs there and back if you don't have a pick-up at the WW end) but not particularly demanding in terms of physical exertion (at this time of year, I hasten to add - my last hike to WW from the Masafi-Dibba road was in May and it was very tiring due to the heat and sun). A fair bit of water around at this time of year (obviously more when it started raining, but the water looks particularly unappealing during/just after rains).

In general, more for those that enjoy long, undemanding hikes and exploring wadis than for climbers or height addicts.

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