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w pobliżu  Tabernash, Colorado (United States)

This is not a trail but an old forest road that has not been used in many decades. Start at the dirt road where the sign says Snow Mountain Trail. Proceed 100 yards and while the trail continues straight, you will take a right onto the road, which goes up the valley.

This is an easy hike, although the road is pretty well grown over with everygreen trees in some sections. There are also many dead trees crossing it in other sections. It pretty much follows along or close to the valley floor and the stream. There is plenty of shade on this trail.

The way point on this track is a nice meadow area next to the stream.

The trail ends at a fence with a no trespassing sign, although the fence is flattened in one area, indicating that people regularly go through. Upon review in Google Earth, it appears that the fence marks private property, and there is a house or some structure not too far up.
Meadow by stream


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