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w pobliżu  Sromowce Niżne, Województwo małopolskie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Another track we did in our Erasmus+ project H2O not wasted was visit of PIENINY national park which is considered to be one of the nicest parks in Slovakia. It lies on the border with Poland. The river Dunajec borders countries. The village of Cerveny Klastor is the administrative centre of PIENINY. It was the beginning point of our hiking track to Three crowns ( Tri Koruny), lying on the polish side of the park. Three crowns is the highest (982 m) and also the most interesting peak in the Pieniny Mountains. It is situated above the left bank of the Dunajec River in the area where it flows through the Dunajec Canyon.
On its southern slope 5 stone towers (100 m high) create a shape of a crown. From the highest tower Okrúhla (Okraglica or Okrúhlica) you would have wonderful view at the steep slopes of the Dunajec Canyon.
On the top, there is an observation tower for 15 people. On the busy days, when too many people want to climb up to the top, you would be allowed to stay there only about 10 minutes. On its northern slope, in the middle of the forest, there is a nice meadow Pieniny, from which you also would have a very nice view all around.

1.)By plane:
Airport Krakow– Cerveny Klastor: 128 km(partly motorway, the rest provincial road)
Airport Košice– Cerveny Klastor: 136 km
Airport Budapešť– Stara Lubovna: 308 km(highway + provincial road)
2.)By bus:
Prague– Stara Lubovna, then regular bus direct line from Stara Lubovna to Cerveny Klastor
Bratislava– Stara Lubovna, then regular bus line to Cerveny Klastor
Košice– Stara Lubovna,then regular bus line to Cerveny Klastor, runs daily every two hours
3.)By car:
From Poland: border crossing Mnisek nad Popradom– 40 km ,Lysa nad Dunajcom- 9 km, Leluchov 50 km
From Hungary: border crossing -Seňa- 142 km
4.) By train:
There is no train connection to Cerveny Klastor

Possibilities of accommodation in Pieniny national park:
1. Pension Pltnik
2. Cerveny Klastor Spa
3. Pension Tulip
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View point the tallest point


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