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w pobliżu Bodice (Slovenská republika)

On our journey of "speaking stones" we visited the most known cave system in Slovakia in national park Low Tatras. Demanovska valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovakia. It is around 15 km long and it is surrounded by monumental peaks of Dumbier and Chopok. Demanovska valley is a national park with 837 ha territory in which a karst system with three wonderful caves can be found. With the help of geologists of The Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology we visited one of the most known caves in the area and one of the caves that is not open to public.
We also explored geological structure of Low Tatras national park.

Penzion ADAM

This was our starting point at penzion ADAM where we stayed.




The cave is located 10 km southerly from the city of Liptovský Mikuláš, in the Low Tatras Mts., on the right side of the Demänovská Valley, several kilometers below the known skiing resort Jasná. The entrance building is visible from the parking place some 90 m above the bottom of the valley. Cave is formed by the underground flow of the river Demänovka. Visit tour leads through spacious river corridors interrupted by steep sections. Its first part takes you to cave spaces with sinter decoration and the second through icy spaces, which is a really impressing combination. Ice filling is located in the lower parts – it occurs in the form of ground ice, stalactites, stalagmites or ice columns. In cave is a long-known find of bones of various animals, including cave bear, which were once considered as dragon bones - that's why the second name of Demanovska ice cave was the Dragon's cave.


We learned about geological history of Low Tatras.


This cave is not open for public. But we were lucky and with the help and permission of geologists we visited it. We all had headlamps and were led by geologist. She explained everything about the creation and geological structure of this cave.


Entrance to the caves is in the Tociste valley at elevation 870 m. You can access it by zigzag foothpath leading from the parking lot, where a height difference of 52 m must be gotDemänovská cave of Libertyover. The cave is created in middle Triasic dark gray Guttenstein limestones of Kriznansky nappe, along tectonic faults by former flow of Demanovka and its lateral hanging ponor tributaries. It represents morphologicaly the most varied part of the Demanovsky cave system. The cave length is more than 8400 m, 7624 m of the cave were measured. Out of the rich flowstone filling, flowstone water lilies and other lacustrine forms / sponge, coral, grape / as well as eccentric stalactites are unique. Mighty flowstone waterfalls and columns, sphaerolithical stalactites and many other forms of stalactites and stalagmites are captivating. There is a thick onflow of white soft flowstone in the Great dome. Underground flow of Demanovka flows through the cave and gets to the surface by the Vyvieranie cave, northerly of the Demanovska cave of Liberty. Air temperature is 6.1 ` to 7.0 ` Celsius, relative huminidy 94 to 99 %.


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