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w pobliżu Krížna, Banskobystrický (Slovenská republika)

The district of Banská Štiavnica includes lots of minerals and rock from the period of neovolcanism. There are many parts in this therritory that has been deforested and changed into fields, meadows, and woody landscape which is mixed with the mining works. In terms of archeological places, there is a number of historic places such as the Town monument reserve, Sitno mountain, ruins of the Sitno castle, Štiavnické bane (minings), and national cultural monuments.
You can find a cheap accommodation in the town of Banská Štiavnica, a hostel of Saint Juraj is of a considerable price.
If you want to visit the whole district, you can use the bus transport which is comfortable and of a great value.

Vrch Sitno (Sitno mountain)

Sitno is a 1,009 m mountain peak in the Štiavnické vrchy in Slovakia. Based on peakery data, it ranks as the 347th highest mountain in Slovakia. There is also the legend of the Sitno Knights, sleeping under the rock on Sitno mountain, waiting to help Slovaks whenever they need help.
Stanowisko archeologiczne

Sitniansky hrad (Sitno castle)

The castle was built to protect the roads leading to the mining district. In the 16th century, the castle served to defend the central Slovak mining towns against the Turkish danger.

Tatárka lúka (Tatar field)

The Tatar field is well known as the shortest way how to get to Sitno mountain. From this point, you walk through stones path and there are almost 200 wooden stairs which lead to the mountain.


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