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w pobliżu  Hoeryongdong, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)

This hike starts at Hoeryong Station on Line 1, exit 2 and ends at Dobongsan Station on Line 1. The hike follows roads for the first couple kilometers to get to the trail head. I forgot to start the navigation right away. Just follow the street in the direction you came out of exit 2 a couple hundred yards to the first major intersection and take a left and the the navigation starts in another 100 yards.The first part of the trail is steep and a little bit hard to follow in places unlike most hiking in Korea. Once you attain the ridge and turn left, the trail becomes a more typical well worn and easy to follow trail. After about 1 km you will reach the 2nd intersection. Here you will go right to go to Sapaesan. As you approach the summit there is some light rock scrambling to the top. There is a nice stone marker at the summits and good places to stop for lunch. When you are ready to continue, retrace your steps back to the 2nd intersection and then go towards Jaunbong peak (This is the peak of Dobongsan group you are trying to get to). The sections will undulate up and down a lot and has some serious rock scrambling as you approach the Jaunbong summit. It is helpful to have gloves to hold on to the cable wires. Coming off the summit, retrace the last 100 feet of your route up then take a right down towards the valley. There are many ways to go down, but they all funnel you to the park entrance. Once you get near the bottom of the trail, there is a well maintained pathway and then lots of hiking equipment shops and restaurants as you work your way towards Dobongsan Station.
There is no water or food on this hike until you are almost at the end so bring plenty with you. While the distance isn't that long, it will take even fast hikers close to 5 hours because of the rock scrambling. If your not fast, plan on 6-7 hours.
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