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w pobliżu Salaj, Pec (Kosovo)

I didn't find many trails for Kosovo/the Rugova mountains on here so thought I would make one as maps are a bit hard to come by. The town of Peja is making a big effort to organise for tourism with a new tourist office opening on the road out to Peja gorge which should have bikes for hire and information available. You can also try the Rugova Experience who allegedly organise homestays out there and will assist with hiking info but I found them to be particularly unhelpful to be honest - they were more interested in telling me how busy and important they were!!

This trek is a circuit which can easily be done in a day. It has a reasonable number of markings but where it was unclear I have tried to add a waypoint and photo to assist you! I was using a photo of a map which is displayed outside the tourist office you will see I made a few wrong turns! You can ignore any small loops/dead ends that indicate this! Take a lunch with you and eat it at the lookout at the top as the view is divine.

If you wanted to do two days you could add an overnight stop in Hokaj and then either spend the day up there and walk down for the late bus or come out early in the morning next day. (everything seemed kind of closed while I was there as it was too early).

Bus times vary according to time of year but there is always at least one morning bus (leaves 7am) and one back in the afternoon warned that they often run EARLY!!! I have added a photo of the bus timetable to the last waypoint for the walk.

The track I took from Llutove to Malaj was VERY overgrown but very pretty as it takes you through the forest ...look out for bears!! If you want to visit the waterfall on the way out you are best to take the track that runs east of that one and follows the paved road down to the Peja gorge can't access the waterfall from the one I took.


108 junction

108 junction...nb - some guy has fenced over where the track used to be so the official map is a bit inaccurate. Look for the turnoff before where marked on the map and it will join up to the correct track trail is correct here need to go straight ahead as I did initially unless you want to give a big shock to two little kids in the house at the end like I did :)

Take the right fork as the left is actually a river


keep right i.e. stay on the lower road


Don't turn right here!

Go straight ahead.


I went right but correct by the map is actually way is a small shortcut

keep right i.e. stay on the lower road..




Bus stop km 15

Bus stop km 15 is the end of the trek!


    You can or this trail