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w pobliżu Box Grove, Ontàrio (Canada)

The start of the trail is well marked and is an established trail that follows the Little Rouge Creek as it winds southward. The trail becomes considerably less traveled and at km 2.6 km I was completely off trail, bushwhacking through trees/underbrush and crossing a creek over a fallen tree (tightrope style). Certainly not for everyone. My advice would be to go as far as you feel comfortable and then loop back. Give yourself plenty of time/daylight and it is not recommended for children, beginners or wandering dogs.

There is parking at the start location just south of Steeles Ave off Reesor Road. For the real keeners, the park extends further south (see Wikiloc listing for Rouge Park -North ) and can be accessed by going north across the Meadowvale Bridge (photo attached to furthest south waypoint).

Update: I hiked the trail again in May of 2016 and it was considerably easier to follow (moderate vs difficult) and although the trail narrowed in spots a path was visible almost all the time. What really helped was a small bridge of stones and logs at the mouth of the side creek which made crossing the creek considerably easier and other than a couple of tough scrambles up and down some hills it was an easy and pleasant hike.

Beaver gnawed tree is still standing... and miraculously still alive!

Hydro Line

Hydro Line

Train tracks #1

Tressle for train tracks, crossed underneath


Bridge? This is what I used to get over a side creek (couple of fallen logs) Probably 6-8 ft down to the river bed, ice and very cold water before that. Not for everyone...

Train tracks #2

Rail underpass number 2, with view north up the Little Rouge

Meadowvale Bridge

Meadowvale Road bridge over Little Rouge, has a grated steel deck (and a distinct sound when vehicles cross). One lane of traffic only!


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