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w pobliżu Idlewild, California (United States)

Fall 2009

Turn off HWY 199 at waypoint marked KNOPKI_ROAD and follow the rough gravel road toward Sanger Lake and Youngs Valley, park at the waypoint TRAILHEAD. There are no nice spots to camp at the trailhead but there are a short distance away at SANGER_LAKE.

This hike is in the wilderness, so no bikes allowed. We did see both mtn bike and motorcycle tracks on the way to Youngs Valley tho.

The first 2.8 miles are on an abandoned road, ending at an abandoned mining operation. There are several good campsites along this stretch. The next 1.6 miles to the lake are rolling singletrack, passing by a SPRING that was flowing even at the driest time of the year, water was icy and delicious! The lake has several nice camping spots. The remainder of the hike is around 1.5 miles with 2200 feet of elevation gain, nothing technical, and can be done without using your hands. This is the highest point around so the views are great.
Forest Rte 18n07
Klamath National Forest
Car camping at a lake
Bring your own bottle


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