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w pobliżu Deharts Trailer Park, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you into three of the preserves located in this area. You first park at the Pine Lily Preserve, leave the parking are going south on the red trail. You will come to a major canal located in the Hal Scott Preserve, at that point you will head west along the canal until you come to the end of that. From there you will head north on an old farm road (pretty much overgrown these days) till you hit a fire road in the Long Branch Preserve. From there I ventured down by the river to explore the old history found there - found an old animal pen, barbwire, remnants of an old dock and other things (if it is the wet season, forget getting too close to the river). I then hit the red marked trail and headed east back to my car. I found another old road which took me a little south and then east back to the parking area. I did see some wildlife out and about on a hot day, but very few flowers. I was also surprised not to see any life in the canal - no gators or wading birds (maybe a turtle). Use your GPS and some common outdoor sense and you won't get lost - there are many old roads which lead out of these areas. Please, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. You can get more information at my website www.tomchoma.com

Animal Pen

Old animal pen in the palmettos

Barbwire Fence Into Swamp

Old barbwire fence leading down to river

Dock? (Boards)

Wood and posts which look like an old dock
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Fire Road

Fire break road

Goverment Tower

Huge Goverment Tower


Some major guardrails out in the middle of nowhere
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Old Road

Old Farmers Road

Parking Area

Isle of Pines Parking Area
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Powerline North

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Powerline South


Econ River


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