• Zdjęcie Pine Lily Preserve
  • Zdjęcie Pine Lily Preserve
  • Zdjęcie Pine Lily Preserve

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w pobliżu Deharts Trailer Park, Florida (United States)

Pine Lily Preserve in Orange County Florida. The mostly out and back trail traverses an area of pines and palmettos, and pines, oaks. The two track trail is easy walking. The main trail has been designated the red trail. There are two short loops (blue trail) about 0.4 mi east of the trailhead. I only went on the northern loop. There is an end of trail marker about 1.1 mi from the main trailhead but the trail continues. The area adjacent to the 520 roadway is not a designated entry point and is fenced. The trail is designated for use by hikers and equestrians. No dogs and no biking.


Parking area. There is room for more than a dozen vehicles. There is also a designated area for trailers. Access is via Co Rd 13.
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The trailhead is at the east end of the parking area.


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