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Uploaded 14 kwietnia 2017

Recorded kwietnia 2014

1 216 m
559 m
10,69 km

Obejrzane 1928 razy, pobrane 70 razy

w pobliżu Chile Chico, Aisén (Chile)

This loop offers a truly unusual concentration of things to see in a very short space. Geological features like the Piedra CLavada and the Valle Lunar sum up with archeological attractives like the Cueva de Las Manos.
Unique regret for me, that I have not really found the Alero. Instead, I found interesting caves on the right side of the valley (that is, on the left ascending).
As a bonus, I show also the panorama from the little summit that one can easily reach from the Portezuelo, the mountain pass constituting the highest point of the official loop. Lingering up there allowed me to have the Valle Lunar really endowed with the moon in the background...
To the starting waypoint I have also associated some photos of the little wooden house where I found shelter at the end of the walk. It is located maybe one km from the start of the track, in direction Chile Chico. I will show the road Chile Chico - Laguna Jeinemeni in an upcoming cycling track.
The sixth photo, "On the way to Jeinemeni", shows the main valley from a spot very near to the start of the present track.

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The point where the access track leaves the unpaved road to Laguna Jeinemeni.
Here is also the parking, if you happen to reach the loop by bicycle.
Easily accessed from the Portezuelo. Larger:

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