3 800 m
1 989 m
154,98 km

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w pobliżu  Rayado, New Mexico (United States)

Philmont Expedition with Roseville Troop 828 Crew A, 727-L-01
Day two camp First night on the trail. Ranger training
1.75mi. to Zastro. Geocaching
Mexican homested and cantina
Day Three camp
Climbing and repelling. Possable shower! Food pickup
Cimarroncito Base Camp, 7802 ft
Day 5 camp.Viset demo forrest & Hunting Lodge. Hike via Window Rock
Food and water pick up
Visto Grande. Water pick up before Hawkeye camp
Day 7 camp. Challenge events
Days 8 and 9 camp. Day 8 trail concervation. Day 9, side hike Mt. Baldy, Gold mining & panning, Blacksmithing at french Henry and tour Baldy Town.
Day 9 Hike Mout Baldy
Gold Mining and panning, Blacksmithing
Take a tour of historic Baldy Town
Pickup burrows at Miranda and lead them to flume Canyon Camp
Just passing through
Day 10 camp. Last night on the trail!!
Stop for a cold refreshing root beer at ponil
We did it!! Our trek is done!! Drop off burrows,


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