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w pobliżu April Estates Mobile Home Park, Florida (United States)

My brother and I took advantage of probably one of the last nice weather days this past Saturday and walked to Paw Paw Mound. The parking lot is about one mile east of the bridge over the St. John's River on SR 50 east of Titusville. Since it is so dry this year, one can access this location by walking due south to the River and then turn northeast OR walk south about 1/3 of a mile then turn due west for about a mile....then turning left (south) with an eventual drift to the southwest. Paw Paw Mound is the largest and tallest mound on this section of the River. Sadly, the river is so low this year and with no rain in the forecast, it will probably take the rest of this year to restore it to the more normal level.


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