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w pobliżu Oravský Podzámok, Žilinský (Slovenská republika)

Oravská Magura (Orava Magura or Orava Highlands) is a mountain range in the Žilina Region of nortwestern Slovakia. The sandstone range is densely forested and literally covered in blueberry shrubs. The Orava Magura is one of the true hinterlands of Slovakia, hence it is little frequented by the hikers. You can easily stumble upon wild game footprints (bear, lynx) but spotting the live animal is not that common. Still it is advised to store your food outside the place you stay for a night when sleeping rough in the wilderness.

The first day-hike took us from Oravský Podzámok along the Magura´s main ridge to Kubínská Hoľa, a ski resort sprawling across the slopes of Magura´ s highest mountain Minčol (1394m above the sea level). There´s also a mountain chalet providing basic dining and accommodation, but you can easily pick a spot nearby if you prefer to sleep rough. Nearby the chalet, There´s also a rich mountain spring with a reservoir (one of a very few reliable spots in Orava Magura where you can get fresh water during summer season).

Note: I list this one as "Difficult" beacuse we were all carrying the up-to-15kg backpacks. Should you hike this one without such a baggage, this trek would be probably somewhere within the "Moderate" range.





Príslop (a saddle)

Punkt informacyjny

Dva Pne


Kubínská Hola (a saddle)


A chalet at Kubínská Hola


A place where we stayed for the night


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