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Uploaded 19 stycznia 2014

Recorded sierpnia 2013

3 533 m
1 390 m
84,08 km

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w pobliżu Omalo, Akhmetis Raioni (Georgia)

I recorded the route from Omalo to save the whole track, but because of the bad weather we had to wait in Omalo and next day make the first part of the route by jeep. We started walking from Chesno.

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  • Zdjęcie Zviad Kelenjeridze

    Zviad Kelenjeridze 2015-08-07

    I'm gonna to make this trail, but a bit longer, very soon. Your trail will help me a lot :)
    Thank you for uploading it.

  • Zdjęcie Meriliis Kotkas

    Meriliis Kotkas 2016-01-04

    I really reccommend everyone to take GPS with you if you plan to hike in Tusheti. When I came there in June 2015 then there were no marked hiking trails. Luckily some Czech volunteers started marking the trails. I made this route in 4 days - highest point was 3500 m (it was my first real mountain trekking). Really breath taking views and beautiful nature. You can rent a horse in Tusheti to carry your bags - but I decided to carry backpack myself (it wasn't so hard but my knees started hurting on last day). Good news is that you don't need to carry drinking water - mountain springs on the way are really clean (none of us had stomach problems). Please be aware that there are no shops on the way (you can only buy some snacks) but you can have some nice lunch or dinner at the guetshouses. Good luck!

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