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w pobliżu Omalo, Akhmetis Raioni (Georgia)

Start date 13th July 2016

Real departure from upper Omalo.
Though we slept in lower Omalo probably more affordable.
Bred we bought after 10am at upper Omalo

Nights on the way:
1) Dartlo - Meadows close to the river before the bridge that crosses the river and is before the village
2) Girevi - dinner + allowance to plant the tent & use toilets facilities for 10GEL per person at Tebulo guesthouse. When arriving or when departing next day, go to military check point to request trekking permit down from the village closer to the river
3) Kvakhidi meadows - Now a shop is available in the middle of nowhere in two simple roof tents with basic products. Probably only during July/August
4) Khidotani ridge around 2700-2800m; Choose best spot protected
5) Shatili - Before Shatili town panel close to the river

There are shops in Omalo, Girevi; Shatili. Maybe Dartlo too.
Shop in Shatili is crap except if you want to celebrate with beer or chacha :)

Return from Shatili to Tbilissi or to some place on the road should be easy on July/August. Drivers qre driving tourists to Mutso for trekking or else and come back empty. At noon, say to the Shatili main bridge and wait for cars. Negociate price for come back. Minimum 20GEL back to Tbilisi.

Trek is less than 90km long. Lot of wondering after end of trekking days are here also included.
Potentially, where you see back and forth, it potentially corresponding to:
- a sleeping place. ex: Omalo, Dartlo, Girevi, Kvakhidi meadows, Khidotani ridge
- a village on the way (visit or stop for shadow). ex: Chesho, Parsma, mutso
- fording a river or having to walk along the river (3rd and 4th day

We had on last day to go on red trace when going down as border police guard prevented us that eastern root (shorter) is not easily usable
Water can be taken from several places on the way.
Just be carrefull after the pass on 4th day to refill at only possible point on the pass before camping

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  • Zdjęcie hadi1962

    hadi1962 2019-07-07

    Hello dear
    I want to know can i go from shatili to omalo by bike

You can or this trail