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w pobliżu Snow Creek, California (United States)

I'm posting this trail only for the record. I do not recommend anybody follow the track as you would be intentionally tresspassing.

I wanted to explore the Snow Creek wilderness area. I chose to 4x4 into an area and start my hike from near one of the large power line structures. While I saw many signs saying that off-road vehicles were prohibited to the East of Snow Creek Rd, there were no such signs posted to the West. So that is what I did.

I trail bashed my way in. There were no evident trails so I rock hopped to keep my impact at a minimum. I was trying to explore the areas of verdant green you can actually see from I10. I figured they must be deciduous trees which must mean surface water.

I was right. I encountered the creek and followed a pretty good flow until I decided to cross the creek. There I found an actual trail as well as "ruins" of several structures and some sort of water catchment.

After reaching a saddle on the trail I encountered, I found a sign saying this was a protected reserve and that an ecological survey was underway. I immediately turned back and followed the trail out. I did not retrace my steps the whole way since I wanted to stay on an established trail and get out as fast as I could with minimum impact.

This warning sign was not visible from where I entered the wilderness. I did not cross any fences nor barriers until much later on my final few steps out of the wilderness and back on to Snow Creek Rd.

I stress that I had no idea it was a preserve and no intention of entering a protected area. As soon as I learned of its status, I left via the most direct route with the least impact.

All that said, I can understand why the Nature Conservancy purchased this land. It's an oasis in the desert.

Pick up a path

The only evident path heading into the canyon


I surprised to find surface water here.


I had encountered bricks on approach. I couldn't fathom who would haul bricks up here. I couldn't see any structures from here. I then encountered an old cast iron tub sitting in a flat area.


Apparently the area was grazed until 1930. This appears to be remnants of a shack right on the creek. There looks to be a stable, and a cabin. Both have been washed in by floods.


Some sort of water catchment. Perhaps for the old homestead.


I stress I did not see any signs, of any kind, stating that I was in a protected area. I rock hopped in, and missed several trail junctions, and didn't know I was in a reserve. I noted that I thought it was weird that this sign faces upslope. I thought it strange anyone would enter from that direction. Nevertheless, as soon as I saw this sign, I turned around and immediately began hiking out.




Again, I saw this sign from behind on approach. I did not enter from this direction. I passed this sign, then turned around to photo it. I did this because I was trying to find the fastest, least impactful way out of the wilderness after learning that it was a reserve. I do not suggest people try to follow this track.



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