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  • Zdjęcie North Tract
  • Zdjęcie North Tract
  • Zdjęcie North Tract
  • Zdjęcie North Tract

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Uploaded 31 lipca 2015

Recorded lipca 2015

291 m
223 m
5,26 km

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w pobliżu Vivian, Ontàrio (Canada)

A couple of reasons for posting this trail. First I wanted to put this tract on the wikiloc map. Secondly, to show the connection to the Mitchell Tract and the Scout Tract to the south and south east.

On its own it has numerous trails, some displayed on the official map and many which are not marked. Portions of this particular path followed are not marked and there was a small stretch (100 m) where it was on someone's driveway, with another small portion walking directly on McCowan Rd. and it is not suitable for more than a couple of people to take at a time.

The footing varies from vehicle width crushed limestone (signs claim wheel chair accessible) down to narrow and sometimes obstructed footpaths. I recommend taking a picture of the map posted on the board at the main entrance/parking area (off Hwy #48) and select a route that suits your needs and group size. Bordered by roads on all four sides so you can't go too far wrong!

The forest is mixed deciduous and conifer with some impressive white pines, some planted almost 100 years ago. Terrain is noticeably sandy in spots and the area is used by hikers, horses and dog walkers.


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