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w pobliżu Tála, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

This walk uses the 09:20 bus route 604 from Karavella Bus Station to the Neofytos Monastery. There are six buses per day starting at 06:30 and the last is at 17:40.
Check http://www.pafosbuses.com/ for the latest bus times and routes and weekend times.
The walk ends at Kato Paphos Harbour. If you need to complete the circuit from the harbour, either walk back to Karavella or get the 618 bus. This walk adds 3 km or just under 2 miles.

The route down has spectacular views over Paphos and the sea. The monastery is interesting too. The track is mostly rural apart from the villages of Tala and Kissinerga. There were orchards in bloom and a Dragon Fruit plantation. Cacti had been trained up strings like vines, hops or beans. The fruit forms on the cactus sections. Unusual! Kissonerga is an attractive village on the route with only 50 metres on the main road.

At the coast there are two options with equal distances. One crosses unusual rough eroded rocky terrain where very few plants can get a hold. If you are at all unsteady walking, an easier inland route is available and would be a safer and still attractive option.

This walk is quite long. The coastal section runs parallel with the 615 bus route so it's possible to head up to the main road and get on a bus. At peak times they run every ten minutes.

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Eroded Uneven Rocks

Bus stop

Bus 604

Bus stop

Bus 612, 615, 618

Bus stop

Bus 604, 609, 614, 618


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