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Uploaded 13 stycznia 2014

Recorded marca 2012

931 m
327 m
25,87 km

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w pobliżu Waveland, Arkansas (United States)

This was a day hike starting from the Mt Magazine lodge over the summit then down the Mt. Magazine to Cove Lake Trail. My wife and I did this as a training hike for the Grand Canyon, so once we hit the mileage we wanted, we turned around. The trail is very shaded and easy to follow. When we did it, there were quite a few big piles of deep leaves near the top of the trail, made me a little worried about snakes, especially after I saw a rattle snake near the bottom. There was one small stream crossing, a little deeper than the tops of our boots and the rocks were very slick. The trail is a little hard to find on either side of the "forest road" heading toward cove lake, there is no good indication you are on the right path until you get a ways in from the road.

At our turn around point, there is a pretty nice vista.


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