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  • Zdjęcie Mission Peak (loop) Hiking
  • Zdjęcie Mission Peak (loop) Hiking
  • Zdjęcie Mission Peak (loop) Hiking

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Uploaded 9 czerwca 2018

Recorded maja 2018

754 m
107 m
9,65 km

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w pobliżu Warm Springs District, California (United States)

Up in 3.04 miles, 2103' elevation, 52:09.
Roundtrip gate/gate: 1:27:45
This is a great hike to condition on for any trip you have planned. It's a 2100' gain from the Stanford route and you will top out at 3 miles. Consider going down Horse Heaven trail. Lots of people on this trail during the weekends. You'll be adding mileage to get to the trailhead since the parking lot will not accommodate very many vehicles.
Bring at least 1 liter of water and a trail snack for this trip. Watch for indian grinding stones along this trail.
Please stay on the trail and give up hill hikes the right of way. You'll understand as you hike this trail. Mission Peak is heavily impacted and hikers are loving it to death with their shortcuts and graffiti. Please stay on the trail and "Leave no trace."


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