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Obejrzane 719 razy, pobrane 36 razy

w pobliżu Khulaybīyah, Al Fujayrah (United Arab Emirates)

Finally made it on the third attempt. Long-winded and tiring way to get to the pools but I guess they're still closed from the coast side as: 1 .No people; 2. still loads of graffiti; 3. workmen dinghies for cleaning the area still in the pools. Fairly easygoing once you make the initial climb and descent from the Masafi Rd down into the pretty much even descent to Wuraya. I say ''easygoing'' but factor in the sun and hea and the often hobbling underfoot terrain. 12 litres of water consumed over 36 hours, 8 of which came from pools on the way there and back. The way back was eventful as my GPS packed in, leaving me ''off course'' for a few hours on day 2.

Sounds odd to say it but that mountain chain between the Masafi Rd and the coast are actually quite wild given the absolute lack of water and thus lack of human life there (say compared to the mountains east of RAK, which may be higher but at least contain life).

Wurayyah Waterfall


Meet wuraya higher


Smooth narrow gulley


Camp wuraya hike May 28

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  • Zdjęcie TeamBackpackers

    TeamBackpackers 2018-02-06

    Is it allowed for public now?

  • Zdjęcie David M-Smith

    David M-Smith 2018-07-26

    Sorry just seen this - not sure if you mean the hiking trail or the waterfall? I'm not aware that they stopped access to the national park for hiking? Anyway, I drove the coastal road in may and there was a sign saying that wadi wurayah itself was closed. But I can't see how the wadis to the west of the waterfalls can be 'closed'.

  • Zdjęcie sami majeed

    sami majeed 2020-01-19

    Hi David
    I am one of the ranger at the national park. As much as I appreciate your hikes but the ones in the national park are currently not allowed due to safety concerns and rehabilitation work going on at the national park.
    Would appreciate it if you can move the hikes into national park from public view

    Much thanks

You can or this trail