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w pobliżu Omalo, Akhmetis Raioni (Georgia)

The trail starts in Lower Omalo from former telecommunication center with satellite dish. The down on the road, turn left just after the village.
The trail continues on the road. Keep on the road which moderately descends. There are several buildings on the right side, while remnants of the funicular to the Shenako side will be on the left. The road then descends more towards the forest. On the next crossroad we turn sharply to the left to the information desk.
Continue to keep on the road up to the sharp curve to the right. From the viewpoint here we could see so called Love Fortress on the opposite river bank as well as bezoar goats/chamois. From the viewpoint continue on the road further down some 50 m. Here the trail turns to the hollow way down the hill.
The trail follows the hollow way down turning to dogleg path up the old Shenako bridge.
Turn right after the bridge, after app. 20 m turn left and climb up the trail. After app. … m you can turn left following the contour line to the Love Fortress or you can continue straight up the hill to Shenako.
(If you want to go to the Love Fortress, turn left on the crossroad and continue slightly up following the contour line until you reach the rocks. Go through the rocks and go down through steep hill. After that follow the contour line again on the left hillside, you will see the river under the hill on the left. You will keep slightly up and down, but follow the same direction, do not turn right nor left. You will pass two rock fields consequently. After the second rock field app. 100 m the terrain will rise, turn right up to the hill and keep climbing up, you will see the Love Fortress tower on the left, so climb there).
You return the same way back to the crossroad and then you can continue to Omalo or Shenako.
Keep the same direction up the hill, there is the road in the forest, it turns slightly right, then left, but keep on the road, do not turn away. After app. 500 m you will come to the small meadow, cross it and you will reach the car road [road Omalo – Shenako]
Do not follow the car road, but turn into its left bend [turn] and keep left up the hill. You will follow the right hillside up, you will cross the rocks after app. 200 m still in the same direction and after the rock part turn right, you will reach the meadow and keep the same direction straight on.
You will see car road [road Omalo – Shenako] on the right and a cementary after some time. Keep the direction along the road and continue until you reach Shenako.


the column has to be made voice record No.: 24 photo 540,541 arrow left : Shenako arrow right: Infocentrum arrow right: Omalo [Dartlo] N 42° 22´05,2´´ E 045° 38´05,7´´ height above sea level 1869 m


the column has to be made voice record No.: 25 photo: 542 arrow left:Infocentrum, Omalo arrow right: Shenako N 42° 22´06,9´´ E 045° 38´11,6´´ height above sea level 1871 m


N 42° 21´52,2´´ E 045° 38´31,3´´ height above sea level 1812 m Possible signpost


signpost on the tree voice record No. 26 photo: 548, 547 arrow right: Love Fortress, Shenako arrow left: Omalo


place on the bridge (need to have appropriate tools) voice record No.:27 photo:549 arrow right: Shenako, Love Fortress arrow left:Omalo N 42° 22´04,7´´ E 045° 38´44,8´´ height above sea level 1668 m


signpost on the tree voice record No.: 30 photo: 554,555 arrow right: Omalo arrow left: Shenako arrow left: Love Fortress N 42° 22´03,1´´ E 045° 38´51,0´´ height above sea level 1712 m


on the tree voice record No.: 31 photo: 560 arrow left: Omalo, Shenako N 42° 22´12,8´´ E 045° 38´36,1´´ height above sea level 1760 m


Signpost: the column has to be made voice record No.: 32 photo: 569,570 arrow left: Omalo, Love Fortress arrow right: Shenako N 42° 21´56,1´´ E 045° 39´05,9´´ height above sea level 1798 m


Signpost: column voice record No.: 33 photo: 580,584 arrow left: Omalo, Love Fortress arrow right: Shenako N 42° 22´06,8´´ E 045° 39´12,6´´ height above sea level 1920 m

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  • 2019-07-18

    The bridge is partly broken (july 2019) and doesn‘t seem safe. There is lots of rotten wood. I‘d recommend asking locals regarding the state of the bridge before heading down.

  • Zdjęcie slavomirhorak

    slavomirhorak 2019-07-18

    I am sorry, I forgot to add this information. The bridge should be repaired this season (2019). We were about to accomplish it last year, but due to administrative reasons we were not allowed to cut necessary trees for the bridge.

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