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w pobliżu Podgrič, Vipava (Slovenija)

Shall I stay or shall I go ? This is one of my most interesting trail in the past several months ;-) . Trail is the classical one but upside down , with unusual circle up and down and few pikes out of the trail , as usual.

This one is for those who peak to my trails all the time and just use it without following or comment :-)

As usual , be aware of the secrets which can be found in the mountains and prepare yourself with GPS, map and compass. Be careful and do not walk alone! Enjoy. Use of this track is on your own responsibility.

If you are interested to explore off-trails with me, or you are doing this already, let me know to hike together. Thanks for likes and follow me on Wikiloc.

Lovska koca

Architektura sakralna

Cerkev Sv. Jeronim


Hribac 1056m

Hribac 1056

Turisticna Kmetija Abram


Vojkova Koca Na Nanosu

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  • Zdjęcie Stamp

    Stamp 2018-01-02

    kaj su to gopro slike ?

  • Zdjęcie Neno G

    Neno G 2018-01-02

    da. wide lens. široko kutni.

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