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w pobliżu Insmont, Colorado (United States)

3 pm Day 1: Starting from Lost Park parking lot, head south on Brookside-McCurdy trail.
8.30 am Day 2: Go up Bison Peak then back onto trail. Stopped and camped at 5pm because of rain.
8 am Day 3: Continue in McCurdy trail, then turn onto Goose Creek, then Wydwam trail (until the end).

Dogs on leash allowed on trail.

Take caution with summer storm during the afternoons and with light night when out in the open.

Many water sources along the trail, kind of scarce on McCurdy trail (so plan ahead).
Stream is a few yards down to the right of the trail
Camping on flat area with some trees
Highest point on the trail. Some patches of snow on the ground but totally navigable.


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