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w pobliżu  Grand Bay-Westfield, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

Falling in both the Fundy Coastal and Valley Lowlands Ecoregions Loch Alva II covers 220 sq km making it one New Brunswick's largest Protected Natural Areas. This pristine wilderness has limited access so exploring the area is best done on foot or by boat.
Hiking into Loch (Scottish for Lake) Alva, incidentally a drinking water reservoir for the city of Saint John can be done along a less-travelled ATV track which happens to pass through a number of considerably large wetlands. The trail will take you as far as Brittain Stream but beyond this point either follow the shoreline or bushwhack your way.

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At the mouth of Brittain Stream a series of stepped waterfalls cascade over jagged rocks before emptying into Loch Alva.
Turtle Lake drains southeast via Rancliffe Creek passing through West Lake and a series of wetlands before emptying into Loch Alva.


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