Długość śladu

24,99 km


2 225 m

Poziom trudności



1 810 m

Max elevation

1 909 m


24 2,3

Min elevation

273 m

Trail type

One Way
  • Zdjęcie Lekbibaj - Vrana e Madhe - Theth
  • Zdjęcie Lekbibaj - Vrana e Madhe - Theth
  • Zdjęcie Lekbibaj - Vrana e Madhe - Theth
  • Zdjęcie Lekbibaj - Vrana e Madhe - Theth


jeden dzień 3 godzin 47 minut




22 października 2019


października 2019
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4 Opinie
1 909 m
273 m
24,99 km

Obejrzane 556 razy, pobrane 22 razy

w pobliżu Lekbibaj, Kukës (Albania)

This was a great trip which started with a ferry in Koman Lake and ended in Theth. We stayed for the night in Vrana e Madhe at the guest house of Gjergj Lazer Kolbucaj (very comfortable and great hospitality).

4 Opinie

  • Zdjęcie Zbulo.org - Discover Albania

    Zbulo.org - Discover Albania 22 paź 2019

    Heya Genc, is this following a proper visible trail that could also be traveled by horse or is this mostly off trail without a visible path? Thanks!

  • Zdjęcie Genc Bregu

    Genc Bregu 22 paź 2019

    A proper path is only from Denelle to Theth.

  • Xhoni Doh 11 sie 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Much of the "trail" is actually just bushwhacking, and there is no trail to be followed. A number of sections in the middle-later part (between Qafe e Kakise above/after Vrana e Madhe and Fusha e Denellit above/before Theth) include fatal sheer drops which require scrambling with both hands and certainly some experience hiking in such terrain. No hiking association would consider this an "easy" hike. This should be reclassified and include more specific information.

  • Zdjęcie Genc Bregu

    Genc Bregu 16 sie 2020

    Hi Xhoni Doh
    I'm not a professional guide. My trails are organized by other people and there are tracks that have been done for the first time even by the organizers. When i rank a track i base them on the exposure. Besides the last part I hope you enjoyed the trip as for me it was quite interesting
    Best Regards
    Genc Bregu

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