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w pobliżu Eversley, Ontàrio (Canada)

This is a hike around the King campus of Seneca College including Lake Seneca and the forest to the north of the lake. There are a series of trails of varying lengths, the paths are well marked, easy to follow and there are maps at several locations along the way (see photos). I extended my hike by starting around the south and west sides of the lake for a complete round trip of the lake. The trails marked on the sign post maps are on the north and east side and could be quickly accessed by doing this hike in reverse.

The trail was a bit muddy in spots (I went in early spring) but footing was generally good and a few boardwalks covered the worst areas. Forest was mixed with maple, birch, hemlock, pine and cedars. A couple of streams are bridged and of course you get some nice views of the lake (signs of settlement in this area go back 1,000s of years).

I parked at the Cricket club just down the road, depending on when you go parking may be available on campus and can be accessed by using the main entrance (off Dufferin Street). Some interesting sights along the hike and several information plaques also added to the experience.

Lake Seneca

Taken on the far western side from a small viewing platform

Intersection 2

Marked on the maps as #2

Intersection 3

Marked on the maps as #3

Intersection 4

Marked on the maps as #4

Intersection 5

Marked on the maps as #5

Intersection 1

Marked on the maps as #1

Dufferin St

Dufferin Street. There are two roads leading onto campus off of Dufferin. The southern most road is the exit (where I walked in and out from). If you are driving, proceed to the northern entrance road.


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