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w pobliżu Stonecliffe, Ontàrio (Canada)

Spectacular rapids on the Kipawa River just over the border into Quebec. The road in was very rough but my car (Nissan) made it there and back. It took 45 minutes to drive from the main entrance (just as you cross over from the island - Rapids des Joachim) to the start of the trail. Entry fee for us was $8 (non-resident) and I believe that was a per vehicle fee for the day. Some French would be handy but counter person was friendly and helpful and switched quickly to English.
The trail runs along the west side of the river and provides numerous great vantage points along the way. There are a series of rapids and falls and at this time of the year, with water levels low, we could hike along the shoreline and some exposed rocks for some fantastic views. We had the place entirely to ourselves (the following day in Algonquin at High Falls we came across 40-50 people).

There are some steep drop offs (keep kids close) but the path is generally easy to walk and easy to follow. Our return path took us through a forest that quickly became surprisingly quiet as we drifted away from the rushing waters and led us to a road. If I was doing it again I would probably choose to stick with the path beside the rapids that we took on the way down.
Well worth the drive in, powerful rapids, solitude and impressive scenery.



Point de vue

One of many great viewing points along the trail


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